Satellite Imagery on Demand

Satellite Tasking  –  Collecting imagery as and when you need it

For times when a specific requirement cannot be satisfied from preexisting imagery, Maxar has created a flexible and comprehensive set of satellite tasking options. As orbiting satellites have the ability to collect imagery from widespread areas in even the most remote locations, they have become a highly sought-after source for many companies and organizations. Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery has been an invaluable component of government, defense, geospatial intelligence, enterprise, and navigation companies.

Flexible Options

Our tasking framework provides four order options (Select, Select Plus, Assured, and Single Shot) designed to meet a variety of customer needs. While customers may initially choose one tasking option, Maxar provides options to upgrade to a higher tasking level or extend the time window.

Informed Projecections

Dedicated experts work with customers to choose windows that provide the highest physical and competitive feasibility for each tasking project.

Advanced High-Resolution Constellation

Maxar maintains the largest sub-meter constellation of satellites, including QuickBird, WorldView-1, and WorldView-2. QuickBird is a 60 cm, 4-band color satellite, and is capable of collecting multispectral and panchromatic imagery. WorldView-1 is a 50 cm, panchromatic and is also capable of collecting in-track stereo imagery. Similarly, WorldView-2 is a 50 cm, 8-band color satellite capable of collecting multispectral, panchromatic, and in-track stereo imagery.

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to custom tasking is a key component to our comprehensive Geospatial Imagery Solutions. We put high-resolution world imagery within reach through a combination of collection strategies, a full ImageLibrary, and flexible delivery options.

Tasking Options

Select the options that best fits your needs


Entry level tasking that offers flexibility to customers to set their own collection window or to accept Maxar’s suggested window.

Select Plus

A higher level of service to customers than that offered for Select Tasking. Customers will see shorter collection windows for Select Plus Tasking (as opposed to Select Tasking) in areas of high competition.


A high priority option that offers guaranteed delivery based on satellite capacity that is exclusively dedicated to these orders. If in the unlikely event we fail to provide complete AOI as promised, customers will receive archived imagery from our ImageLibrary free-of-charge. We are the only company to offer a guarantee of this nature.

Single Shot

A unique guaranteed-delivery tasking option that should be used when customers have an immediate need for new imagery and when customers require the guarantee that imagery will be collected on or near a specific date. As little as six hours after confirmation of a Single Shot order, we can acquire an image of the specified area of interest.

Monitor projects through subscription services

We have provided large scale project monitoring services through our satellite tasking & subscription offerings. Use our very high resolution satellite and aerial imagery to monitor the progress of your project.

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