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Advanced Ortho Series

Unparalleled coverage, speed, accuracy, and aesthetics


Workflow integration becomes truly effortless, eliminating the need for any additional image processing or manipulation.

The DigitalGlobe Advanced Ortho Series provides unparalleled coverage, speed, accuracy, and aesthetics – resulting in the best quality orthos available in a faster and easier method than ever before. The Advanced Ortho Series offers two product lines differentiated by aesthetics, and three options for accuracy within each line, to ensure your imagery needs are met:

  • Ortho Vision – For professional users who need quality images for analysis and identification. Worldwide coverage; high throughput and expedited turnaround for large areas.
  • Ortho Vision Premium – For users who need the best visual appeal available. Highly processed for superior aesthetics. Many areas such as major world cities area are available off-the-shelf.


  • Higher resolution for the finest detail available
  • Superior coverage is provided by maintaining the largest high-resolution imagery archive in the world, continually supplying relevant imagery, information, and insight 
  • Industry-leading accuracy allows precise measurements and uniformity, as well as consistency with other data sets
  • Higher throughput and faster turnaround time all for mass deliveries of Ortho products in as little as two days
  • Replicable and automated processing ensures each product has proper attributes and complete image metadata
  • Premium aesthetics with little or no cloud cover, haze, or snow; geometric brakes minimized, seasonally consistent, radiometrically and tonally balanced, enhanced color contract, clarity and sharpness, seamless feathered cutlines
  • World-class processing capabilities active 24/7/365
  • Can be acquired directly from the ImageLibrary or via a new collection request
  • The DigitalGlobe satellite constellation is capable of collecting up to 2 million km2 per day, capturing roughly four times the Earth's landmass each year
San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Collected May 3, 2010


ParametersVisionVision Premium
Product Options Panchromatic, Natural Color, 4-band (Pan-sharpened, Multispectral or Bundle), 8-band (Multispectral or Bundle) and Color IR

Precision Aerial available in Natural Color or Color IR only
Resolution 50 cm, 60 cm, 2 m 50 cm, 60 cm, 2 m, 30 cm aerial
Bit Depth 8 bit
Customer Framing Area-based
Resampling Kernel Enhanced (natural color) or MTF (panchromatic)
File Format GeoTIFF 1.0, NITF 2.1, NITF 2.0
Mosaic Yes if applicable
Dynamic Range Adjustment On
Color Balancing Optional for mosaics Required for mosaics
Projections & Datums Any supported datums and projections
Tiling 8k x 8k (default), other options available
Delivery Time 2-3 days* 3-5 days* (many areas available off-the-shelf)
Accuracy SpecificationsDisplayMappingPrecision SatellitePrecision Aerial
CE90 25.4 m 10.2 m 4.2 m 2.75-5.3 m
RMSE 16.5 m 6.6 m 2.8 m 1.8-3.5 m
Geographic Availability Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide US & Europe
Aesthetics SpecificationsVisionVision Premium
Cloud Cover Up to 20% for the AOI Less than 10%
Haze, Pollution, and Fog Allowable Minimized**
Snow Allowed Only persistent allowed
Tonal Balancing Optional. If requested, optimal results may not be achieved Required. Input imagery is seasonally consistent
Geometric Breaks Allowable up to one half the product CE90 Minimized
Cutline Placement Automated. Visible radiometric breaks are allowable Seamless

*Delivery times based on areas smaller than 1500 km2. Larger areas will be delivered within five days for Ortho Vision and within 10 days for Ortho Vision Premium.

** Light environmental factors acceptable if ground features are not overly obscured and radiometry is not significantly impacted.


Advanced Ortho products are ordered by area, with a minimum purchase of 100 km2 and a maximum of 10,000 km2 per order. Products are delivered on your choice of standard digital media with Image Support Data files including image metadata, via FTP, or DigitalGlobe Cloud Services.

Higher throughput and faster turnaround time allow for mass deliveries of orthorectified imagery required for large projects or large areas of interest – saving you money, enabling better decision-making and improving efficiency. Over 2 billion square kilometers of high-resolution imagery in the DigitalGlobe ImageLibrary are ready for processing, and many areas are available off the shelf.