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Aerial Imagery & Survey

Planning   .   Collection   .   Production   .   Integration

SIME’s Aerial team is constantly supported by its Production department to help ensure that all aerial-based products are developed to the highest quality standards and are delivered on time.

With over eight years of extensive experience, Space Imaging Middle East’s specialized aerial division provides the regional market with a complete suite of aerial imagery products and services. The division is fully equipped with a Cessna aircraft and aerial photography equipment that are stationed in the Middle East, manned by an experienced crew and fully trained technical staff. The division has also leased a new aircraft, AeroCommander, to ensure smooth operations for parallel projects.


Our Strengths

The Team . Mobilization . Flexibility . Integration

SIME prides itself with a team of professional and experienced pilots and ground station crew. Our pilots have successfully completed countrywide aerial missions across the region. With our crew and aircraft stationed in Abu Dhabi, UAE, our strategic location puts us in a position to quickly mobilize our resources for any aerial mission within the region. Whether it’s a small city or a large country, a one-time fly-over mission or a long-term mission requirement, our flight crew and support staff will accommodate all your aerial imagery needs. SIME has an in-house team of experts to configure and integrate its imagery products with your existing GIS application or environment.



High cartographic accuracy
  • 1:10,000 – 25.4 m CE 90%
  • 1:5,000 – 10.2m CE 90%
  • 1:2,000 – 4.2 m CE 90%
  • 1:1,000 – 4.1 m CE 90%
Extract thematic information that is geo-positionally accurate to the same level as the basemap.
High resolution
  • 5cm - 40 cm multispectral, natural color, Orthorectified
  • 60–30 overlap for Normal Ortho
  • 80–60 overlap for True Ortho
Identify features on high resolution
Large image swath
  • 16.4 km – 17.6 km width (camera dependent – 2 options needed)
Maps large areas faster with fewer flight lines and hence cost effective
Image level variations
  • Level 0 (raw) to 3 (orthorectified) available for analysis
Improve feature classification and identification in dark or bright areas and perform more flexible image enhancement
Open systems
  • Partnered with commercial aircraft / camera providers
Get your project up and running quickly and easily based on standard map projections and formats
Local Assets
  • 2 Aircrafts available in the region
  • (Cessna and AeroCommander)
Ease of mobilization and logistics management
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Aerial Collection


Product Options
Resolution: 5 CM to 40 CM, per the requirement
Accuracy: (Absolute geo-location accuracy) 4.1 m – 25.4 m CE90
Bands:  3 Bands, Natural Color
Band Combination: Multispectral
Processes: Arial Triangulation, Stereo Compilation, DTM generation, Orthophoto Production, Applied Corrections: , Radiometric and geometric corrections, Mapped to a cartographic projection
Formats: GeoTIFF 1.0, Custom*
Cloud Cover: 0%
Orderable Area Area: 40 km2 (25 mi2)
Camera: VEXCEL Ultra Cam X, Ultra Cam D
Deliverables: Aerial Triangulation Report, Camera Calibration Files, AGPS / IMU Data and Report, DTM, OrthoPhoto, Raw Level 0 imagery if needed Media: External Hard Drive

* -  Contact Customer Support to find out more about custom file formats that are available for this product


Contact Space Imaging Middle East's Aerial Survey Division to find out more about how your end product can be delivered to you.