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Manned Aircraft

Customized Cessna Airplane

SIME’s Aerial team is constantly supported by its Production department to help ensure that all aerial-based products are developed to the highest quality standards and are delivered on time.

With over eight years of extensive experience, Space Imaging Middle East’s specialized aerial division provides the regional market with a complete suite of aerial imagery products and services. The division is fully equipped with a Cessna aircraft and aerial photography equipment that are stationed in the Middle East, manned by an experienced crew and fully trained technical staff. The division has also leased a new aircraft, AeroCommander, to ensure smooth operations for parallel projects.


Unmanned Aircraft

senseFly UAV

Take high-resolution aerial images of landscapes, buildings, crops, forests, assets, or events with your senseFly UAV. Quick and easy.

The senseFly UAV allows you to take high resolution images at specific locations and without motion blur. Use the included e-mo-tion software to specify locations before flight or trigger them on command during flight.


The Vexcel UltraCam-X

A 216MB pixel digital aerial camera

Vexcel's UltraCamX provides the same obvious advantages over film cameras as the UltraCamD, but has superior specifications and extended capabilities.

The data flow is simpler, the technology is more robust, and image formatting is the world's most precise. Taking advantage of improved CCD technology, UltraCamX employs 7.2 micrometer pixels and thus achieves an even larger image format at 14,430 x 9,420 pixels without sacrificing radiometric performance. An all new optical system developed for the UCX by LINOS improves light fall-off over previous solutions, maintaining image sharpness and high radiometric range well into the corners of each image.

Other Sensors

  • Vexcel Ultra Cam D
  • Lidar
  • Thermal Sensor
  • Oblique Camera