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Our Offerings

We offer a wide range of services on top of aerial imagery

Aerial Survey . Ground Control Point Collection . Aerial Triangulation . Feature Extraction Orthophoto Mosaic . Oblique Imagery . Thermal Mapping . LIDAR Survey


Flight Planning

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With customized aircraft, professional aircrew and state-of-the-art equipment, SIME’s Aerial Division caters to all your aerial imagery needs; from flight planning and dedicated aerial image collection projects to conducting tailor-made aerial surveys. The division also ensures a quick turn-around time as it has complete in-house facilities for image processing and features extraction.


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SIME creates fully detailed Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) for contour generation, orthophoto production and floodplain mapping. The division also produces Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for specialized applications such as 3D modelling, volumetric calculations & surveys.


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Whether you require a first generation base map or the next generation 3D fly-throughs, SIME applies the most appropriate technology to produce comprehensive and rich digital orthophotos. SIME also uses special techniques to process and create digital true ortho products.

Topographic Mapping

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SIME’s production department produces accurate, precise and extremely detailed planimetric and topographic maps for a variety of GIS applications.

GIS Integration

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SIME’s GIS Department combines the visual information of aerial photography with the positional and scale accuracy of topographic maps and applies the resulting information in multiple software environments to interpret and display data for general viewing and analysis.

3D City Modelling

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SIME has proudly created 3D city models for two of the most complex cities in the UAE; Abu Dhabi & Dubai. From flight planning to image capturing, image processing to 3D model generation, all processes were completed in-house. SIME also collected digital imagery of buildings for realistic 3D façade.