• AnalystPlus

    AnalystPlus is an imagery intelligence lifecycle management system that supports the storage, retrieval and management of digital non-spatial/spatial data. It is a versatile tool for mission planning, command & control centers and defense organizations.

  • Exclusively Designed System

    • A complete imagery intelligence life cycle management application
    • Interpretation, exploitation, analysis, reporting & workflow management features
    • Developed for military organizations, command & control centers, homeland security and intelligence agencies
  • Geospatially Powered

    • Plan your data acquisition and source collection & distribution
    • Store and manage large, complex data with automatic ingest in just a few clicks and access supporting artifacts on the fly
    • Perform all GIS operations on map & associate your results with your reports
  • Workflow Management

    • Robust data management tools and automated processes
    • Helps the supervisors and managers to monitor tasks progress enabling them to better plan future tasks and assignments
    • Save time & resources and improve operational efficiency by streamlining communication, reporting and automating routine tasks
  • Customization and Support

    • Designed and developed entirely in-house by a designated team of certified and experienced software professionals
    • Technical Support and issue management offered by the same in-house team that developed the system
    • Customization offered to tailor the application to your organizational needs and strategic requirements

System Architecture

Built on top of J2EE framework, AnalystPlys is highly scalable and boasts a clustered architecture

Administration & Security

Using the advanced permission schemes for user groups and users, the administrators can completely ensure the data security

Workflow Management

AnalystPlus offers a powerful workflow management system which defines a standard workflow pattern to meet maximum operational requirements.

Powerful Auto Ingest

Auto-Ingest engine is powerful windows based service that works with AnalystPlus to automatically ingest different raster data formats in to the data repository

Built in GeoBrowser

The built in GeoBrowser gives you the power to perform geo-spatial search queries and instant access to information for timely decisions

Embedded Groupware

Using the embedded groupware you can access your emails without disturbing your existing communications infrastructure
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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