Key Features

What makes AnalystPlus Robust & Unique

AnalystPlus is a feature rich application offering you enhanced and custom built functionality to meet all of your imagery analysis and workflow management requirements.

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Advance System Architecture

Built on top of J2EE framework, AnalystPlus is highly scalable and boasts a clustered architecture

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Administration & Security

Using the advanced permission schemes for user groups and users, the administrators can completely ensure the data security

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Workflow Management

AnalystPlus offers a powerful workflow management system which defines a standard workflow pattern to meet maximum operational requirements.

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Powerful Auto Ingest

Auto-Ingest engine is powerful windows based service that works with AnalystPlus to automatically ingest different raster data formats in to the data repository

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Built in GeoBrowser

The built in GeoBrowser gives you the power to perform geo-spatial search queries and instant access to information for timely decisions

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Embedded Groupware

Using the embedded groupware you can access your emails without disturbing your existing communications infrastructure

More Features

An extensive list of AnalystPlus features

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Works on IRIX, Linux, Windows and any other operating system that supports
  • Rich client features
  • Totally configurable
  • Seamless Integration with external software such as Remote View and Jane’s Library
  • Automatic filling of necessary fields
  • Configurable display settings
  • Distributed architecture
  • Complete tracking of facility and report status
  • Central data repository
  • All types of source ingestion; images, audio, video, digital elevation models and ground control points etc.
  • Wizard based 5-step source ingestion process
  • Advanced reporting mechanism & Image Viewer
  • Advanced Word Processor for writing reports
  • User defined report templates
  • Report Dispatching made easy
  • Enhanced Geo Browser
  • View any time associated sources, facility, assets and asset count
  • Advanced search feature with wide range of search criteria


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    Basic Imagery
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    Standard Imagery
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    Stereo Imagery
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    Advance Ortho Series
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    Advanced Elevation Series
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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    Aerial Imagery
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    Analyst Plus
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    Tasking Services
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    GIS Services
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    Image Processing