AnalystPlus Modules

what makes AnalystPlus flexible & versatile


Data Definition & Management



Define and manage your facilities, assets and targets in just a few clicks

Extensive modules to help you define your requirements as well as create, modify and cross-reference data such as facilities, assets and targets. Once data has been defined, the system allows the administrator to define data dissemination rules. The Watchlist and Permission Scheme modules ensure information access control and boost security based on protocols set by your organization.


Manual / Automatic Source Ingest



The ingest process allows users to ingest geospatial /non-geospatial content inside the data repository.

It provides tools for pre- or post-ingest data processing, metadata parsing, automatic region/country detection, automatic task generation, instant notification to assigned analyst and supervisor, automatic R-Set generation for RemoteView© and automatic low-res Tile Generation for GeoBrowser.


Workflow Management



AnalystPlus introduces a powerful workflow management system which defines a standard workflow pattern to meet maximum operational requirements.

Organizations will save money and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining communications, automating routine tasks, and efficiently storing task reports. Analyst Plu’s workflow management system is designed to cater to all the day to day needs of supervisors and the analysts working under their supervision.


Report Management


Analyst Plus offers a solution to today's increasing demands for report management, versioning, security, archival, distribution, and convenient viewing.

Its in-built report and document management solution allows analysts to record their observations and analyses in a clear and uniform manner, which simplifies the process of data viewing, dissemination, and review.



Collection Management



Collection Requirements module enables you to define your data acquisition requirements through the system.

When you create a collection requirement you are planning to acquire satellite images of specific facilities, according to collection specifications that you define (for example, platform, mode, sensor and resolution requirements).

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    Stereo Imagery
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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