AnalystPlus at a Glance

Store, Retrieve and Analyse Digital Spatial Data

This geospatially powered system, transforms vast amounts of complex data into actionable intelligence.

By providing robust tools for organizing, pre-processing, managing, and integrating geospatial data, it serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables easy data definition, timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, robust report management, effective workflow management and secure dissemination of information.

AnalystPlus Workflow

A brief overview of how AnalystPlus works


Define Data

Extensive modules to help you define your requirements as well as create, modify and cross-reference data such as facilities, assets and targets. Once data has been defined, the system allows you to define data dissemination rules.
The Watchlist and Permission Scheme modules ensure information access control and boost security based on protocols set by your organization.

Ingest Data

The data, acquired based on specified requirements, is placed in the repository. The system automatically ingests data, (in case of imagery) creates R-sets & generates tiles. Once a new source is ingested, the system assigns a task to the responsible analyst.
A multi-option, multi-source manual ingest process helps you store spatial data with maximum available information.

Retrieve Data

Once a source is ingested, a notification is sent to all concerned users. There are multiple ways in which you can retrieve the data you require. Every module has its own search panel which allows you to search on a range of search criteria.
GeoBrowser offers advanced spatial search option to locate your sources within a selected area on a map.

Analyze Data

Analyses are made easy with high performance GeoBrowser 2D & Remote View embedded into the system. Search, access, manage and analyze your data without having to load any application outside the system.
All your data and associated information is accessible with just a few clicks and is updated on the fly.

Create Reports

An easy to use report management system is fully integrated with MS Office 2007, enabling you to continue using your existing setup.
Our system will perform version controls, generate PDFs, secure report distribution and help you with powerful boolean and geospatial search for your reports database.

Manage Tasks

As part of the extensive workflow management system, the task management module completes the workflow cycle. Tasks can be manually or automatically assigned to pre-defined users. Through GeoBrowser, users can receive instant task notifications.
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