• GeoAxel

    GeoAxel is SIME's flagship enterprise 3D visualization environment which allows you to visualize your geospatial data (vector and raster) on a 3D terrain or city mode, all within a flexible framework that is optimized for analytical applications.

  • Create your own GIS World

    • Visualize geospatial data (vector and raster) on a 3D terrain
    • Tools for planning and emergency response operations
    • Supports real time asset tracking
    • Helps to create scenarios with real world simulation
  • Build your world in 3D

    • Build your own terrain model and put it on the Globe
    • Create your own 3D content from layers & 3D models
    • Create & view 3D city models on the fly in seconds
  • Share your data

    • Fuse large amount of GeoSpatial data on the fly
    • Make your GeoSpatial data instantly accessible from diversified information sources
    • Using GeoAxel’s streaming technology, serve large volumes of data
  • Explore your 3D world

    • Create labels, bookmarks, projects & scenarios with ease
    • Simulate the 3D world with the advanced query & analysis tools
    • Print, save, export data and projects and share with others
    • Integrate external database with custom plug-ins

Multi Language Support

GeoAxel supports right-to-left content orientation and is currently available in Arabic language

User Access Control

Allows administrator to specify the access and permissions by creating user authentication and user groups and specifying permission sets

CCTV Camera Integration

GeoAxel supports CCTV camera integration within the software given the camera IP address and point Shapefile for internal and external cameras.

External DB Integration

GeoAxel can be integrated with existing external database systems such as SQL and Oracle to read non-spatial tables and display the same within the 3D environment.

Advance Query

Spatial and attribute query tools on supported platforms such as ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial, KML, OGC compliant standards etc.

Analysis Features

Effective analysis features such as cut/fill, line-of-sight, view-shed and extensive distance and area measurement tools including vertical, horizontal, aerial and terrain measurements
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    Basic Imagery
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    Standard Imagery
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    Stereo Imagery
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    Advance Ortho Series
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    Advanced Elevation Series
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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    Aerial Imagery
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    Analyst Plus
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    Tasking Services
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    GIS Services
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    Image Processing