GeoAxel Modules

What makes GoeAxel robust and extensive


Projects Module


Create, save, share & load Project files with a few clicks.

All reference points will be stored as bookmarks. As a user you can save Project files, including Bookmarks, Project Alias Comments, Scenarios and Attachments, on the server or on your computer. You can also export your GeoAxel projects into KML/KMZ formats enabling you to load them in Google and/or ESRI products.


Layers Module


Change symbols, annotation, font and color for layers and configure visibility range of each layer.

The module supports vector addition from Shapefiles, Oracle Spatial, ArcSDE and other formats. Among other things, you can export a layer, copy & paste objects, create and modify new feature layers and easily move and clip a layer. You can also load imagery, elevation and KML/KMZ layers.


Bookmarks Module



This small but powerful module allows you to use the set location as bookmarks.

You can associate custom icons with your bookmarks and clicking on the bookmark in folder tree will fly you to the bookmarked location on the map. There is also an option to group and arrange the created bookmarks in folders. The administrator can specify who can create bookmarks and save them on the server.


Assets Module


Define new symbology classes and quickly create assets based on predefined symbologies.

You can also add, edit and delete selected assets and group the existing ones into folders. The module also provides the option to configure videos to be displayed on Billboard or on Terrain and to create scenarios quickly to depict real world simulations.



Flythrough Module



Visualize and fly through the interactive 3D world.

The Flythrough module allows you to have more control on the fly through route by dynamically changing the Z Values of points and speed of flight at each point.

Search Module



Using this module, you can perform a quick search as well as a more advanced search based on a combination of criteria.

Using the advanced search tool you can filter your search criteria based on different attributes of the layers. SIME has created its own algorithm to search (large) shapefiles in a fast and efficient manner. The maximum time to fetch search results is 2 seconds.


Routes Module



Create/edit/save/load routes for moving 3d-objects/text/images.

This module offers generic as well as photorealistic display of buildings & geographic data supplemented with dynamic AVL data-tracking on 3D model. The mode also supports: import of 3D objects & layers, placement of 3D subjects on the terrain, measurement tool for 3D models, fly-throughs, 3D domes and eye point of 3D view.


Presentation Module



Easy to use module to create presentations and extract movies from presentations

Presentation capabilities enable you to record a presentation in which you navigate through the 3D World, showing or hiding objects on the terrain, following dynamic objects, displaying messages and performing different operations. You can create a route either by flying through the terrain recording an exact route or by adding each waypoint separately.


User Management Module



The User Management module allows the administrator to create and manage users and user groups.

The module helps you create permission schemes and assign them to User Groups. Each permission scheme is a set of privileges that allow/deny users to perform certain tasks. As an Administrator you can also define privileges to access and search on specified Geo-database layer or set of layers.


Analysis Module



This extensive module provides advanced tools for measurement & terrain analysis, including Line of Sight, Viewshed, Threat Dome, Flood Analysis and Volume Analysis. User can zoom in/fly to/ jump to any selected result; as well as highlight the selected object in a different symbol or color in both 2D and 3D. Analysis queries can be saved and loaded in a project.


Map Objects Module



An extensive map objects module that allows you to define objects and create an objects library. You can also highlight the selected object in a different symbol / color in both 2D and 3D. The module allows you to import 3D objects on Terrain.

Proximity Search Module



Allows you to query for features / assets within certain selected radius.

You can perform proximity query to find nearest results, find results in a given radius (in meters, feet, kilometers or miles) and avail the option to find intersecting results or results that fall completely within the selected area.

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