• GeoServ

    GeoServ is designed and developed to enable you to leverage GIS everywhere via a web browser. GeoServ serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, quick integration and secure dissemination of information.

  • Rapid & Universal Deployment

    • Reduces time-to-results, easy to configure & maintain
    • GIS experience through a conventional browser
    • Powerful GIS functionality with universal access and faster integration
    • Online geospatial analysis, visualization and maps
  • Integration with Existing Systems

    • Easy integration with existing business systems & GIS solutions
    • Derive maximum value from your investment in ERP, CRM, BI or GIS
    • Integrate GeoServ Web GIS with business data
    • Powers critical applications such as site selection, incident management, service availability etc
  • Access Control Features

    • Extremely in-depth permissions module to securely share your geo-spatial data
    • Highly configurable permission schemes at user and user group level
    • Permission and Access Control List Based Access Control for data sets, maps, print templates and functions
  • Universal Access & Sharing

    • Create and share your work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
    • Share data, maps, layers, bookmarks and labels - with other privileged users over the internet or intranet
    • Extremely secure dissemination of data and information sharing

Significant cost savings

NO client licenses, reduced development / deployment, & reduced maintenance costs. No need to be a GIS Expert!

Web-based Administration

Easy-to-use web set-up of spatial data and geospatial web services, including definition of Maps, Styling, Metadata and Role-based access restriction

100% Web Environment

All functions are provided in a pure web environment with cloud compatibility including robust pure-web editing capability

Business Intelligence

Including search, query builder, graphs, charts & reports – identify critical trends and process this information with intuitive tools

Access Control List

Extensive permissions scheme management module supported by ACL for data sets, maps, layers, attributes, search and more

Security Management

GeoServ offers complete User, User Group & Permissions scheme management along with database based authentication.
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    Stereo Imagery
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    Advanced Elevation Series
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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    Analyst Plus
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    Tasking Services
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