Key Features

What makes GeoServ robust & unique

GeoServ is a feature rich application comprising of robust tools and extensions that allow you to effortlessly perform actions and avail all the GIS features

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Significant cost savings

NO client licenses, reduced development / deployment, & reduced maintenance costs. All the functionality of a Desktop GIS over the Web – No need to be a GIS Expert!

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Web-based Administration

Easy-to-use web set-up of spatial data and geospatial web services, including definition of Maps, Styling, Metadata and Role-based access restriction

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100% Web based Environment

All functions are provided in a pure web environment with cloud compatibility. GeoServ includes robust pure-web editing capability for a full range of geometry features

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Business Intelligence & Analysis

Including search, query builder, graphs, charts & reports – identify critical trends and process this information with intuitive tools to build queries and format reports

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Permission and Access Control List

Extensive permissions scheme management module supported by Access Control list for data sets, maps, layers, attributes, search, print templates and functions

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Security Management

GeoServ offers complete User, User Group & Permissions scheme management along with database based authentication. You can also authorize access based on ACL & Permission Schemes to Maps, Layers, Attributes, Search, Identify, Map, Tools & Operations and External Tables

More Features

An extensive list of GeoAxel features

  • Cross Browser & Cross Operating System
  • Completely configurable using innovative and user friendly interface
  • Built on top of Java / J2EE technology
  • High performance map rendering engine with basic / advanced GIS tools
  • User management based on privileges and different functionalities
  • Powerful user, user group and security management to tailor the data needs of any organizational structure
  • Separate thin map client for Public access and wider audiences
  • Scalable and flexible to go well with the needs of multiple organizations
  • Secure dissemination of data and sharing Information
  • Advanced Spatial Data editing tools in pure web environment
  • Basic / Advanced Geo-Spatial queries along with Boolean Queries
  • Separate Live Feed Engine to support live GPS feed, GeoRSS or any data feed of events, human resources or vehicles coming from different sources
  • Advanced media library integration to link or view images and videos without leaving the map explorer window
  • Map Labels with drilled down security to allow multiple users to create and view data on map according to their set permissions
  • Underlying Instant messaging bus instantly updates all the clients with new updates


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    Basic Imagery
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    Standard Imagery
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    Stereo Imagery
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    Advance Ortho Series
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    Advanced Elevation Series
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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    Aerial Imagery
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    Analyst Plus
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    Tasking Services
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    GIS Services
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    Image Processing