GeoServ at a Glance

All the functionality of desktop GIS over the web

GeoServ is a robust web mapping application which allows you to create, manage and visualize information from multiple data sources for sharing and in-depth analysis.

GeoServ, a ready-to-deploy application, is designed and developed to enable users to leverage GIS everywhere via a web browser. GeoServ serves as a complete, self-contained application that enables timely retrieval of information, advanced analysis, quick integration and secure dissemination of information.

GeoServ Editions

Available in all flavors to meet all your needs

Power of Google Technology

GeoServ leverages the flexibility of Google technology by integrating Google Maps & Google Earth into the system. This enables you to continue using your existing data and systems while seamlessly adding the additional functionality of GeoServ. With the GeoServ Google version, now you can create, analyze and publish your GIS data in a user-friendly environment.

Power of ESRI Technology

Now you can use the power of ESRI technology to build your own maps with enhanced caching for improved performance. You can also set permission based access for a wide variety of artifacts. GeoServ ESRI version also provides you with online editing capability and approval cycle. This version is ideal for inter-departmental GIS portals

Flexibility of OpenSource

This version is independent of any COTS platforms and allows you to create and manage your own data using special tools. GeoServ OpenSource allows you to overlay ESRI layers/services and offers online editing capability and permissions based access and an extensive access control list. This version is very light weight, quick to deploy and cloud compatible.

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    Basic Imagery
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    Standard Imagery
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    Stereo Imagery
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    Advance Ortho Series
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    Advanced Elevation Series
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    Worldview Elevation Suite
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    Aerial Imagery
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    Analyst Plus
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    Tasking Services
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    GIS Services
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    Image Processing