Providing the next level of details and visual clarity

Intelligently increasing pixel resolution to increase clarity and enhance feature detection.

When your organization’s business decisions require you to identify small features on the ground, an improved visual experience is key. The identification of objects such as road lines, individual plants, building edges and vehicles often requires the highest level of visual clarity. True 30 cm resolution imagery has long been the industry leader in clarity. Now with innovative proprietary technology applied to native 30 cm data, 15 cm HD imagery provides the next level of detail – enhancing manual and automated feature extraction efforts from satellite imagery.

15 cm HD is achieved through a process that intelligently increases the number of pixels in a native 30 cm resolution image, resulting in an improved visual experience. Not limited to any certain resolution, HD technology can also be applied to native 40-60 cm imagery, rendering a 30 cm HD image and thus, increasing the availability of 30 cm resolution imagery across the historical archive.

15 CM HD Satellite Imagery

Al Maktoum International Airport – Dubai, UAE.
15CM HD Imagery – Click on Image to View Details

More Opportunities with 15 CM HD


15 cm HD significantly expands the level of detail, maximizing the ability to see smaller features that can be gathered from satellite imagery.

For customers who need to monitor and identify critical areas, 15 cm HD provides new insights into remote locations to observe high-value assets, environment, agriculture and change over time. Reducing in-field inspections protects both assets and personnel.

15CM HD Satellite Imagery

Mapping & Urban Planning

15 cm HD enables higher-definition mapping with a level of detail that allows governments, organizations and commercial customers to verify features, such as light poles, signs, roads, vehicles and infrastructure conditions, without the inconvenience of sending teams into the field or the cost of using drones.

15CM HD Satellite Imagery

AI/ML Applications

HD technology has the capability to improve the average precision of the object detection of the ML algorithm. Our 15 CM HD imagery provides additional detail for automated analysis, feature extraction and change detection.

Change Detection through Satellite ImageryChange Detection through Satellite Imagery

Aerial Complement

Aerial customers are already using 15 cm HD to augment their collections over regions that are too remote to fly aircraft and to support aerial mapping missions that have been affected by the pandemic. 15 cm HD is not a replacement for aerial mapping, but it augments this solution with global coverage with satellite imagery.

High Resolution Satellite Imagery15CM HD Satellite Imagery

In Partnership with Maxar

15 cm HD is created by applying Maxar’s proprietary HD technology to native 30 cm imagery.

Space Imaging Middle East, in partnership with Maxar Technologies, offers imagery solutions to a wide variety of clients across the region.

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