For users having advanced image processing capabilities

Basic Imagery products are designed for users having advanced image processing capabilities.

DigitalGlobe supplies camera model information with each Basic Imagery product to permit users to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction. Basic Imagery is the least processed image product with corrections for radiometric distortions and adjustments for internal sensor geometry, optical, and sensor distortions have been performed on each scene ordered.

Basic Imagery – Up to 30CM Resolution

High Resolution

  • 46 cm* – 65 cm panchromatic, natural color, color infrared, or 4-band pan sharpened
  • 1.8 m* – 2.62 m multispectral

Collection Size

  • 16.4 km – 18.0 km width at nadir
  • Map large areas faster with fewer files to manage and process

High Radiometric Response

  • 11-bit digitization (up to 2,048 levels of gray scale)
  • Discrete non-overlapping bands

Open Systems

  • Camera model information supplied
  • Compatible with leading commercial software providers
  • Popular image file formats

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